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Everyone’s heard of caviar, but very few people know a whole lot about the delicacy. There isn’t just one type of caviar. In fact, the variety of tastes, textures and colors is enormous.  Caviar stands out from other foods for a variety of reasons, and if you want to buy the very best caviar out there, it’s important to understand the product and what sets the highest quality caviars apart from the rest. 

1. What Exactly Is Caviar?

Many people hear the word “caviar” and think – fish eggs. But caviar is the eggs of fish belonging to the sturgeon family specifically. The eggs of other kinds of fish, such as salmon, can be eaten too and are known as roe, not caviar. 

2. Is All Caviar The Same?

No, definitely not. There are actually three different kinds of caviar; beluga, ossetra and sevruga caviar. 

Beluga caviar is probably the best known, particularly because of how rare and expensive it is. Ossetra is less rare but still expensive. And Sevruga caviar is the most affordable kind and easiest to source. At Caspy Caviar, we sell products from all three categories of caviar to ensure that we have exactly what you’re looking for, no matter your budget. 

3. Not All Caviar Is Imported

Traditionally caviars are imported from the Caspian and Black Sease. However, the overfishing of these seas combined with increasing pollution has created significant barriers to caviar fishing in these regions. This is why domestic, American grown caviar is now growing in availability and popularity. 

4. There Are A Lot Of Factors In Pricing Of Caviar

There are a wide variety of factors that determine the price of a quality caviar product such as those sold by Caspy Caviar. 

They include:

  • What species of fish the caviar was produced by
  • How long it takes the caviar to mature
  • The ins and outs of the manufacturing process
  • The quality of the end product
  • The demand for the specific product
  • And the availability of supply

5. Caviar Is Also Super Good For You

Few people realize it, but caviar is absolutely packed with important vitamins and minerals which makes it really beneficial to the body. It’s a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, as well as micro and macro nutrients which are all well known for their health benefits. And on top of all of this, just one serving can provide up to half of the body’s recommended daily requirement of protein. 

6. Buying From A Reputable Seller Is Key

Like many things, there are cheap “knock-off” versions of caviar on the market that don’t come close to the quality of true caviar. So, buying from a reputable seller  like Caspy Caviar is going to go a long way towards making sure you’re buying the best quality. 

7. The Taste Is Different For Everyone

People are often curious about the taste of caviar and the truth is, that the taste varies from person to person. It’s often described as sweet, salty or nutty, and melts in the mouth delectably. 

8. What Should You Eat Caviar With?

True caviar connoisseurs say that caviar is best appreciated on it’s own, but it’s often served on top of a dollop of creme fraiche served on crackers, blinis or toasts. This makes a sophisticated but truly delicious canape and is certain to wow your guests and delight their taste buds at the same time. 

9. What Should You Drink With It?

The most classic drinks to pair with caviar are champagne and vodka. Champagne adds to the decadent experience and makes it feel even more luxurious, while vodka brings out the flavour of the caviar beautifully. 

10. Finally, Where Should You Buy It?

Right here, at Caspy Caviar of course! We stock a wide variety of caviars to suit the first time caviar tasters to the most choosey of connoisseurs. 

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