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About Caspy


A respect for the traditional methods of caviar production with no exceptions.

which involve sustainable farming, careful grading and selection of the freshest eggs


Always overdeliver quality.

dedication to providing the highest quality caviar that meets the expectations of fine dining establishments and connoisseurs


Build community that inspire people.

A commitment to building a community of caviar lovers and connoisseurs who share a passion for this luxury food.


Our Values

For more than 4 years, Caspy Caviar has been renowned as a purveyor of the finest caviar in the world. Since its inception Caspy has gained a well-earned reputation for sourcing and providing only the highest quality products that are sustainably farmed and processed with great care.

Sustainable and Ecological

Alongside this passion, we remain committed to sustainability and ecological sourcing of Caviar by sourcing from only hand-picked Caviar farms that are environment friendly.

Fast & Fresh

We ensure your Caviar arrives swiftly, safely, and in perfect condition wherever you may be by going extra mile and providing custom packaging built to store caviar as fresh as possible.