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Frequently Asked Questions


While caviar can be enjoyed in many ways, due to uniquness of taste and texture. Experts agree that Beluga Caviar is the finest of all varietals, with its creamy and rich flavor. However, other types such as Ossetra Caviar or Kaluga-Huso Hybrid Caviar offer distinct flavors and profiles

For more information on Caviar types and how to enjoy them, check out our website for the latest news and updates.

Caviar is the product of different species of sturgeon, and each Caviar Type offers a unique flavor profile. Experts in the Caviar field recommend tasting each type to identify your favorite Caviar.

As for example Beluga Caviar has an intense nutty flavor, while Ossetra Caviar is known for its buttery, delicate taste. On the other hand, Sevruga Caviar has an intense briny flavor and its eggs are smaller in size compared to the other Caviar types. Additionally, Caviar texture also varies from one Caviar Type to another and can range from soft to firm depending on species.

Caviar is an age-old delicacy sought out by gourmands and experts alike. To ensure the sustainability of this gastronomic luxury for future generations, Caspy Caviar uses only sustainable farming practices that allow us to produce Caviar of superior quality.

We work with the world’s most prestigious Caviar farms to ensure Caviar of the highest standard, while also respecting and protecting wild Caviar populations. We are proud to be able to provide Caviar that is both sustainably produced and of exceptional quality.

 Caviar is a delicacy that requires expert handling and craftsmanship throughout the entire process, from harvesting to maturation. Caviar eggs harvested at their peak of potential are carefully washed with a light touch of salt known as the Malossol method, then gathered into 2 kilogram tins known as “mother tins” for maturation. The maturation process can take anywhere from three to twelve months and each tin yields a unique flavor.

Caviar experts are highly skilled in selecting the perfect eggs and tend to produce an exquisite quality of Caviar, while hastily harvested eggs often result in a lower-quality product. Caviar is best when it’s allowed to mature for the ideal amount of time, making patience and expertise a key element in its production. With the right mix of expertise and patience, Caviar can become a truly remarkable delicacy.

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Yes. We understand the importance of freshness and quality when it comes to your purchase. That is why we use the highest shipping standards for all orders, and our Stay Fresh shipping method which we deliver with special care to ensure that all products arrive undamaged and on

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Caspy Cavair takes pride in the quality of our products and we strive to ensure that all items arrive in perfect condition. We guarantee the freshness of each item, so it is important that you inspect the product immediately upon arrival. If any items are unsatisfactory, please do not discard them or consume them as credit refunds will only be issued for unused products.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us within twenty-four hours of receipt and we will provide you with a return authorization code. Returns cannot be accepted without this code. Once we have received the claim and accepted it, Caspy Caviar will automatically reship the merchandise to ensure your satisfaction.